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Speed velocity and acceleration

Speed Velocity Acceleration What is meaning of speed? “The distance covered by an object in unit time is called its speed”.In other words ,the rate at which object is moving is called speed.Unit time may be a second,an hour,a day or a year.It tells us how fast or slow an object is moving .Its formula is given as: Here S ...

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which are renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources: “Renewable energy sources are those energy sources that can be regenerated quickly.”There are many sources of energy such as coal,oil and natural gas.These fuels are called fossil fuels.These fuels would not last forever.They are not recoverable.These sources are called non renewable energy sources. The shortage of fossil fuels will create serious energy problems.We must look for alternative ...

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which are sources of energy

 What are Sources of energy? “Energy is the ability of a body to do work.”It is  present everywhere in sunlight,water,wind,plants,animals etc..It is required for walking, reading and playing.Energy does makes things for us like makes toast,plays music etc..A good source of energy would be the one which would: Do a large amount of work per unit volume or mass. Be ...

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Kinetic and potential energy examples

What is kinetic energy? kinetic energy  possessed by a body due to it`s motion . It is the energy of motion . when you are walking or running your body is exhibiting kinetic energy . A bicycle or skateboard in motion possesses kinetic energy .Running water has kinetic energy and it is used to run water mills .Moving air has ...

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Newton’s first second and third law

Newton’s laws of motion: For centuries the problem of motion and its causes was a central theme of natural philosophy,an early name for what we call physics.It was  not until the time of Galileo and Newton,however,that dramatic progress was made.Isaac Newton,born in England in the year of Galileo’s death,is the principal architect of classical mechanics.He carried to full fruition the ...

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Types of Mechanics

What is mechanics ? The branch of science that deals with the study of motion of body,its causes and effects. The importance of mechanics It is the oldest of the physical sciences,is the study of the motion of objects.The calculation of the path of a baseball or of a space probe sent to Mars is among its problems,as is the ...

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