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What is laser? how does it works?

What is laser? The name “LASER” stands for light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.The lasers are used to produce light having following properties: Monochromatic Directionality Brightness Coherence Polarization One of the most important property of laser light is its monochromaticity. The word monochromatic comes from Greek word monos means single and chroma means colour. actually all lasers have very ...

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einstein photoelectric effect experiment with examples and applications

What is photoelectric effect? “When light of suitable frequency falls on a metal surface, electrons are emitted from the metal surface.This phenomenon is called photoelectric effect.” The electron emitted in this process are known as photoelectric. Explanation Experimental Setup for photoelectric effect The apparatus used to observe the photoelectric effect is shown in above Figure: It consists of an evacuated ...

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