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Reflection and refraction of light examples

What is Reflection? Reflection is defined as:”When light traveling in a certain medium falls on the surface of another medium,a part of it turns back in the same medium.”We see a page of a book because light reflects from each part of the page in all directions,so that some of the light rays from each part of the page enter ...

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what is Light in physics

What is light?  Light is a form of energy which is given by luminous objects.The Sun,bulb,candle,etc.are luminous objects.Other objects which do not give out light are called non luminous objects.Light can pass through transparent materials.Glass,water,clear plastic and air are transparent materials.Light can not pass through translucent materials.A tracing paper,frosted glass and waxed paper are translucent materials. Light behaves differently when ...

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what are different types of lasers?

What is “LASER”? The name “LASER” stands for light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.The lasers are used to produce light having following properties: Monochromatic Directionality Brightness Coherence Polarization One of the most important property of laser light is its monochromaticity. The word monochromatic comes from Greek word monos means single and chroma means colour. actually all lasers have very ...

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definition of Polarisation of light

What is polarization of light? “Separation of light waves with electric field vector oriented only in a single direction is called polarization or this is a process in which light and other radiations are restricted to vibrate in a single direction only and therefore the electric/magnetic field of the wave is unsymmetrical.” In 1808 Etienne Louis Malus (1775-1812) accidentally observed ...

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