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what are the different types of nuclear reactions?

Nuclear Reactions: While studying radioactivity,we have seen that an α-particle is emitted from radium-226 and radon-222 is obtained. This nuclear is change is represented by the following equation: Such an equation represents a nuclear reaction. Above mentioned nuclear reaction takes place on its own accord. However, it was Rutherford who, first of all, expressed his opinion that besides natural radioactivity decay ...

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Radioactive elements

What is Radioactivity? It has been observed that those elements whose charge number Z is greater than 82 are unstable. Some invisible radiations, that can effect the photographic plates emanate out of these elements. Such elements are called radioactive and the phenomenon is called radioactivity. The radiations coming out of the radioactive elements are called alpha (α) , beta (β),and ...

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Half Life

What is Half Life of Radioactive Element? “The Time during which half of the unstable radioactive nuclei disintegrate is called the half-life of the sample of radioactive element.” We have seen that whenever an α or β-particle is emitted from a radioactive element,it is transformed into some other element. This radioactive decay process is quite random and is not subjected to any ...

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