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Difference between diesel and petrol engine

Diesel Engine:

  • Diesel engine only draws air during suction stroke.
  • The fuel is injected in the form of fine spray.
  • Combustion of fuel takes place at constant pressure.
  • The diesel engine are heavier and costlier.
  • Starting of diesel engine is difficult due to high compression ratio.
  • The maintenance cost of it is large.
  • They are low speed engines.
  • They are generally employed in heavy duty vehicles.

Petrol engines:

  • They are high speed engines than diesel engines.
  • They draw mixture of petrol and air.
  • Charge is ignited with plug.
  • Starting of petrol engine is more easier than diesel engine.
  • They have low compression ratio.
  • In petrol engines combustion of fuel take place at constant volume.
  • They are generally employed in light duty vehicles.
  • Running cost is high.

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