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What is convection current?Definition,examples and applications

Radiation heat transfer conduction heat transfer Convection current definition The upward and downward movement of molecules of water or air is called a convection current. What is Atmospheric Convection? Atmospheric convection plays a fundamental role in determining the global climate patterns and in our daily weather variations.Gliders pilots and condors alike seek the convection thermals that ,rising from the warmer ...

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convection heat transfer examples and applications

Radiation of heat Conduction of heat Convection of heat definition “Transfer of heat by actual movement of molecules from hot place to a cold place is known as convection.” Liquids and gases are poor conductors of heat.However,heat is transfer through ¬†fluids(liquids or gases)easily by another method called convection. Why a balloon inflated with hot shown in figure .rise up?a liquid ...

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