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uses of laser in daily life


List of uses of laser and applications in the field of medicine, industry, and agriculture

  • The intense heat produced in a small area by a laser beam is also used for welding and matching metals and for drilling tiny holes in the hard material.
  • The precise straightness of a laser beam is also useful to surveyors for lining up equipment especially in inaccessible locations.
  • It is the potential energy source for inducing fusion reaction.
  • It can be used for telecommunication along optical fibers.
  • The laser beam can be used to generate three-dimensional images of objects in a process called holography.
  •  A laser beam is used to drill small (tiny) holes in hard metals.
  • It is used for welding in electronic circuits.
  • It is used to induce nuclear fission reaction.
  • It is used to produce three-dimensional images.
  • It is used as a rangefinder.
  • It is used for the purposes of photographic recording of the output of a computer.
  • It is used to develop hidden fingerprints.

Lasers in surgery and medicine

  • Laser beams are used as the surgical tool for “welding” detached retinas.
  • The narrow intense beam of the laser can be used to destroy tissue in a localized area. The organelles with a living cell have been destroyed by using the laser to study how the absence of that organelles affects the behavior of the cell.
  • Finely focused the beam of the laser has been used to destroy the cancerous and pre-cancerous cell.
  • The heat of the laser seals off capillaries and lymph vessels to prevent the spread of the disease.
  • The laser is used to breaking the stone in human kidney.
  • It is used to develop hidden fingerprints.
  • It is used to destroy the tumor.
  • It is used to weld the detached retina.

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