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MechanicsElectric fieldSpeedvelocity
 AccelerationKinematic Equations Motion Projectile Motion
Force Newton`s  Laws of Motion Momentum Friction
 Gravity Kepler`s laws of planetary motion EnergyKinetic Energy
Potential Energy Work Energy Theorem  Energy Sources Work
Solar Energy Torque Elastic Collision Fluid Mechanics
Equation of ContinuityBernoulli Equation Pascal lawArchimedes Principle
PressureAtmospheric pressureViscosityTemperature
ThermometerTemperature ScalesThermal RadiationSpecific Heat
Planck’s Quantum TheoryPhotoelectric EffectUncertainty Principle Electromagnetic induction
 Schrodinger Wave EquationsElectric potentialElectric ChargeElectric Current
Potential DifferenceResistanceOhm LawCapacitors
Black body radiation Electrical EnergyReflectionKirchoff’s law
Wheatstone BridgeGauss’s lawThe doppler effectInductor
Electric field linesCoulomb’s lawRefraction diffraction 
Optical LensesSpherical mirrorsCapacitanceInterference
 Lenz’s Law Faraday’s Law waves Carnot engine
Black body radiationElectric fluxRadioactivityPolarization of light
Fiber opticBasic forces of nature Bohr’s model of atomUniversal law of gravitation
Dual nature of matterLaser Second law of thermodynamicsIst Law of Thermodynamics