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Conduction heat transfer examples and applications

convection heat transfer Radiation heat transfer “The mode of transfer of heat by vibrating atoms and free electrons in solids from hot to cold parts of a body is called conduction of heat.” The handle of metal spoon held in hot water soon gets warm.But in case of a wooden spoon,the handle does not get warm.Both the materials behave differently ...

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What are the three modes of heat transfer?

What are three types of heat transfer? “when two bodies at different temperature are in thermal contact with each other,thermal energy from a hot body flows to a cold body in the form of heat.This is called heat transfer.” Transfer of heat is a natural process.It continues all the time as long as the bodies in thermal contact are at ...

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Temperature Conversion formulas and examples

What are different scales of temperature? There are three different scales of temperature,which are given in the list: Celsius scale Fahrenheit scale Kelvin scale   1.Temperature Conversion from Celsius to Kelvin scale: The temperature T on kelvin scale can be obtained by adding 273 in the temperature C on Celsius scale.Thus the formula to convert Celsius to kelvin is given ...

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Different types of thermometer for clinical and laboratory use

“Thermometer is the device which is used to measure the temperature of a body.”Some substances have the property that changes with temperature.Substances that show a change in temperature can be used as a thermometric material.For example, some substances expand on heating, some change their colours, some change their electric resistance, etc.Nearly all the substances expand on heating.Liquids also expand on ...

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Temperature and 3 types of temperature scales

Different types of thermometer¬† What is temperature in physics? “The temperature of a body is the degree of hotness or coldness of the body.”or “Average kinetic energy of atoms or molecules.”When we touch a body,we feel it hot or cold.The temperature of a body tells us how hot or cold a body is. When two systems are in thermal equilibrium,we ...

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