Difference between conservative and conservative force with examples

Conservative and nonconservative forces examples are given in which Gravitational forces, Magnetic force, Electrostatic force, Elastic spring force, Electric force are conservative force examples while a frictional force, air resistance force, the force of gravity are nonconservative force examples.

What are conservative forces?

Those forces which allow the opportunity of two-way conversion among potential and kinetic energies are said to be conservative forces.

examples of conservative and non conservative forces

Conservative force examples

  • Gravitational forces
  • Magnetic force
  • Electrostatic force
  • Elastic spring force
  • Electric force

what are non conservative forces?

The force is called non-conservative if work is done by the force is dependent on the path followed by the body. oR The forces which are not conservative are called non-conservative forces.

 non conservative force examples

  • Frictional forces
  • Viscous forces
  • Induction forces
  • Air resistance force
  • Tension in a string
  • Normal force
  • Propulsion force of the rocket
  • Propulsion force of the boat

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Comparison table of conservative vs non conservative forces

 Conservative forces  Non conservative forces
The force is called conservative if work done by the force is the dependent only the initial and final position of the body does not depend on path followed by the body. The force is called non-conservative force if work is done by the force is dependent on the path followed by the body.
    The work done by the conservative force in the closed path is zero.        The work done by the non-conservative force in a closed path is not zero.

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