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Difference between mechanical and matter waves with examples


Mechanical waves

The waves which required any medium for their propagation are called mechanical waves.

 mechanical waves examples

  • Sound waves
  • Water waves
  • Vibration of string
  • Waves produced on the surface of liquid and solid.
  • Ultrasonic waves
  • Spring waves
  • Slinky waves

 mechanical waves properties

  • These waves required medium for propagation or to travel.
  • Their speed depend on medium in which it travels.
  • They are produced when the part of medium oscillates and enforce the adjacent regions to oscillate also,in this way energy is propagated.

Matter waves

Matter wave is the mathematical abstract function which is associated with particle.It is not a wave ,it contains information about particles.Matter waves are also called De Broglie waves.

Matter waves examples

  • waves associated with electron
  • waves associated with ball

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