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Difference between vector and scalar

What is scalar and vector quantity?

The quantities having magnitude and unit is called scalar quantity.Some of these quantities have direction also but vector laws are not applied.

Some examples of vector quantities are:

  • Electric charge
  • Mass
  • distance
  • current
  • Speed
  • Power

The quantities which have magnitude,unit and direction are called vector quantities.These quantities also follow triangle law of addition.Some examples of these quantities are:

  • Force
  • Momentum
  • Acceleration
  • Displacement
  • Torque

Comparison table between vector and scalar quantities:

                                                Vectors Scalars
1:Physical quantities having both magnitude and direction are called vectors. 1:Physical quantities having magnitude only are called scalar quantities.
2:Vector quantities are completely described by:

  • a number
  • suitable unit
  • certain direction
   2:Scalar quantities are completely described by:

  • a number
  • suitable unit
3:Vectors cannot be added ,subtracted,multiplied and divided by simple arithmetic rules. 3:Scalar quantities are added,subtracted,multiplied and divide by simple arithmetic rules.


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