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Discuss analogies and differences between Gauss's law and ampere's law

Analogies between Gauss’s law and Ampere’s law

  1. Gauss’s law says the electric flux through a closed surface is proportional to the charge within the surface.Ampere’s law says the line integral of B.ds around a close path is proportional to the current that passes through that path.
  2. In Gauss’s law,the imaginary and arbitrary closed surface is taken enclosing a charge.In ampere’s law ,an imaginary and arbitrary closed curve enclosing current is taken.
  3. Both laws use the concept of flux the flow of field lines through a surface to determine the field strength.
  4. They also both relate the integral of the field over a closed geometrical figure to a fundamental constant multiplied by the source of the appropriate field.

Differences between Gauss’s law and Ampere’s law

  1. Gauss’s law is for electrostatic and Ampere’s law is for magnetism.
  2. Gauss’s law is used to calculate electric field by a certain charge configuration while Ampere’s law is used to measure the magnetic field due to current.
  3. The geometrical figure is a surface for Gauss’s law and a line for Ampere’s.


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