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kelvin temperature scale with formula and examples


How to convert Kelvin to degrees Celsius?

Temperature on Celsius scale can be converted into kelvin by subtracting 273 from the temperature in Kelvin scale.

Kelvin to Celsius formula

 C = T (k) – 273

Kelvin to ºC example problems

Convert 300 kelvin to ºC


T = 300 k

Formula:       C = T (k) – 273

C = (300 -273) ºC

=27 ºC

273 kelvin to celsius


T = 273

Formula:            C = T (k) – 273

                                 =(273 -273)ºC

                                 = 0 ºC

Convert 615 k to celsius degrees


T = 615 K


C = T (k) – 273

C =( 615 – 273) ºC

    =342 ºC

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