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difference between fresnel and fraunhofer diffraction in tabular form

what is Fresnel’s diffraction? Fresnel diffraction can be observed if the source of light and the screen at which diffraction pattern is formed are kept at finite distance from the diffracting obstacle.In this situation the wave fronts falling on the obstacle are not plane.Similarly the wave fronts leaving the obstacle are not plane. what is Fraunhofer diffraction? Fraunhofer diffraction can ...

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Diffraction of light:definition,types and examples in physics

Diffraction of light definition “The bending of light waves around the corners of an opening or obstacle and spreading of light waves into geometrical shadow is called diffraction.”Diffraction effect depends upon the size of obstacle.Diffraction of light takes place if the size of obstacle is comparable to the wavelength of light.Light waves are very small in wavelength,i.e,from 4×10-7 m to 7 × ...

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