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Difference between interference and diffraction of light

Interference of light The modification in the distribution of light energy due to superposition of two or more waves is called interference of light. Conditions for interference Light source should be monochromatic. Light source should be coherent mean they should not be independent but should be subsidiary source and derived from a single source. The light source should be narrow ...

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newton’s ring experiment with animation

Newton’s ring is a process in which Circular bright and dark fringes obtained due to air film enclosed between a Plano convex lens and a glass plate.An air wedge film can be formed by placing a Plano-convex lens on a flat glass plate.The thickness of film is zero where the lens and the plate are in contact with each other.The ...

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Interference definition with types and conditions

Interference definition Interference of light is defined as:”When two or more light waves having same frequency,same wavelength and same amplitude meet together in a medium at a point,they cancel or enhance the effect of each other at that point.This phenomenon is called interference of light waves.” There are two types of interference of light. Constructive interference Destructive interference Constructive interference ...

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