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Planck’s radiation law and quantum theory of radiation

Definition Planck’s radiation law Rayleigh Jeans law and Wien’s formulae were failed to solve the problem of distribution of spectral radiancy among various wavelengths in cavity radiations because these formulas were based upon the classical theory. Planck’s quantum theory of radiation In 1900,Max Planck gave the new concept about the nature of radiation,called quantum theory of radiation in which planck ...

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Black body radiation and planck’s radiation law

Black body radiation basics When a body is heated,it emits radiation.The nature of the radiation depends upon the temperature.At low temperature,a body emits radiation which is principally of long wavelengths in the invisible infrared region.At high temperature ,the proportion of shorter wavelength radiation increases. Furthermore,the amount of emitted radiation is different for different wavelengths.It is of interest to see how ...

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