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Properties of alpha, Beta and Gamma rays with uses and differences

What is radioactivity? In the March 1896 Henri Becquerel announced the discovery of radioactivity similar to X-rays.Although rays (X-rays) had been discovered less than four month earlier it was already known that X-rays come from the fluorescence wall of the discharge tube and thus it was thought that fluorescence and phosphorescence might be responsible for them. Becquerel known that Uranium ...

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Difference between natural and artificial radioactivity

what is radioactivity? It has been observed that those elements whose charge number Z is greater than 82 are unstable. Some invisible radiations, that can effect the photographic plates emanate out of these elements. Such elements are called radioactive and the phenomenon is called radioactivity. The radiations coming out of the radioactive elements are called alpha (α) , beta (β),and ...

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