Temperature Conversion formulas and examples

What are different scales of temperature?

There are three different scales of temperature,which are given in the list:

  • Celsius scale
  • Fahrenheit scale
  • Kelvin scale


1.Temperature Conversion from Celsius to Kelvin scale:

The temperature T on kelvin scale can be obtained by adding 273 in the temperature C on Celsius scale.Thus the formula to convert Celsius to kelvin is given as:

 T(k) = 273 + C

Example:What will be the temperature on Kelvin scale of temperature when it is 20 °C on Celsius scale?

Solution:                                                                                                       C=20ºC



T=293 K

2.Temperature Conversion from Kelvin to Celsius scale:

The temperature on Celsius scale can  be found by subtracting 273 from the temperature in kelvin scale.Thus formula to convert temperature from kelvin to Celsius is given by:

C =T(K) – 273

Example:Change 300 k on kelvin scale into Celsius scale of temperature.


T=300 K

Since C=T(K) – 273

Therefore:  C=(300-273)°C


3.Temperature conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit scale:

Since 100 divisions on Celsius scale are equal to 180 divisions on Fahrenheit scale.Therefore,each division on Celsius scale is equal to 1.8 divisions on Fahrenheit scale.Moreover,0°C corresponds to 32°F.
Therefore: F=9/5(C +32)
Here F is the temperature on Fahrenheit scale and C on Celsius scale.
Example:Convert 50°C  on Celsius scale to Fahrenheit temperature scale.

C=50 °C

F=1.8×(C + 32)

F=1.8×(50 +32)


4.Temperature conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius scale:

we can convert temperature from Fahrenheit ti Celsius scale with given formula as:

C =F – 32/1.8

Example:Convert 100 °F into the temperature on Celsius scale.


F= 100°F

Since C=F – 32/1.8


C= 37.8  °C

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